Frequently Asked Questions

What is your session fee?
As of August 2012, the session fee is $300. This fee will be due on or before the day of your session.  The session fee includes a 1 hour session with 20 high resolution fully edited digital images on a cd. You will have the rights to print as well as share electronically. 

Where is your studio?
It's wherever I happen to find myself with my camera. I'm an "on-location" photographer, so I come to you! Mainly, I just want to photograph people having a good time, so whether that's in your home, the park, the putt-putt golf range . . . wherever, I'm up for it!

What is a typical session like?
Please, leave the "Cheese" at home!  My favorite sessions (and probably yours too) are comfortable, casual & fun! No forced smiles or awkward poses. I try to capture you and your little ones as naturally as possible. Little ones like to run & play, they throw fits, they cry, and they laugh and explore - I love capturing all of that, so let them do what they love to do & I'll be there to document the fun!

What is the best time for a session?
Since I like to work with natural lighting, I'm pretty limited to daylight hours. Early morning light is beautiful in photos - as is end of the day light. If shooting indoors, a bright sunny day and a few good windows would do the trick!

When should I schedule?
Maternity sessions will look best a few months before your actual due date.
Newborn sessions are especially beautiful when you can catch the little guys in the first few weeks of life.
Children's sessions should be worked around their naps, snacks, meals . . . whenever you think your little ones are happiest.

What do I wear?
Really, anything you like. You should be comfortable, so if that's not your Sunday's finest, then by all means, don't wear it!

When will I see my pictures?
 I usually post some pictures to my Photo Blog or Facebook page before I've completed the entire editing process. I USUALLY complete the editing process within 2-3 weeks and will have a CD for you at that time. Why so long? It takes time for me to edit the way I like. You won't see all your photos until I'm completely satisfied with how they look (I'm picky that way!).

What equipment do you use?

I'm a Canon girl - I have and LOVE my 5D Mark III camera. I have 3 lenses that I use - a zoom lens (24-70mm), a wide angle fisheye lens (15mm), and a 50mm prime lens. I use Photoshop CS4 to edit every picture. I own several older model film cameras (A Nikon FE, Nikon F4, & Yashica 14E Lynx), and hope to add film to some sessions and more personal work soon.
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