Telling Tales

I did not take these pictures. My good friend Christina took these pictures. They are pictures of her son, and I think they are adorable. She asked me do a few Photoshop edits on these, so I thought I'd post a few.

This is Luke. He's an Egyptian Prince.


He's an Egyptian Prince that lives in Washington.


No, not Forks, Washington. He is not a vampire.


He isn't even one of those "eternal children," nor is he a half-vampire-half-human, nor is he really an Egyptian Prince. I can only assume Christina wouldn't still be working if the latter part of that sentence was really true.


He's just cute little Luke that likes to play in the leaves while his parents take pictures of him. . . and although I've never met him face-to-face, I love him.

I'm hoping that I can meet him soon so I can pinch his little cheeks and hug his sweet momma.

Christina - love and miss you girl! I knew you would appreciate the Twilight references. . . . :)

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Christina Dawoud said...

LOOOOOOOOOOL! You are too funny! Your damn straight I'd be living off him if he was a prince, or if he even had a little part in the Twilight movie! Love you and miss you too!

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