Drake & Knox

Newborns are such sweet, peaceful little things. They make me want to cuddle and kiss and coo.

Especially when they are as cute as this chunky little fella here.

Meet Knox.


He's 6-days-old, and such a handsome little dude already.

Sleepy babies make me want to cuddle and kiss and . . . . well, I think I've already said that.


Meet Drake.


He's the 2 1/2 year old big brother who seems to be oh-so-proud of his new little buddy.

I think Drake is probably thinking "Yep, He's mine . . . we're gonna be great friends and playmates." OR . . . he could be thinking, "Touch my toys, and you'll pay, kiddo." It's hard to translate emotions.


These two were such a joy to photograph. Thanks Lauren and Mark for the opportunity. Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful little Knox and I wish you much happiness as you begin your new lives together as a family of four.


ssefchick said...

Beautiful pictures! There's nothing sweeter than baby boys!

Anonymous said...

These children are beautiful. Loved the pictures, Mom

M.D. said...

Marla, your pics are absolutely beautiful! Very nice job! The mom is probably so happy and the boys are so sweet and adorable.

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