These boys belong to my friend Christine. Here they are decked in their winter's warmest.

Meet ROSS.




Meet ELI.


Although I had nothing to do with the purchase of those trapper hats, I did read in a fashion magazine that they will be all the rage this winter. Kudos to Christine for having the fashion foresight to pick those out. And boys, when you read this when you are 20, please know that although I think you look adorable, I had nothing to do with making you wear them. :)

These boys love sports. They brought bats (in special boxes to protect them I might add), and fishing poles and their jerseys for a little game of football.


Oh, these silly boys . . . I just don't know how Christine can keep a straight face around them. They had me cracking up the whole time I was snapping away.


Thanks so much for letting me play! I had a great time with you guys!

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rlowsley said...

oh my gosh, you can't tell whose boys these are...NOT! lol, i am so glad to to know the both of you and to be able to watch you kids grow up as you have watched mine. thanks for the memories,
rita owsley

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