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Meet Michael and Brittanny.


Gorgeous, right?

They've got two little fur-babies that are awfully cute too . . . That big strong one is Jake and the fluffy little white one is Winston. (Shhhh . . . Don't tell Winston he's little - he won't believe you. )


Photography Lesson of the Day: Don't use string cheese (or any other edible goody) to get the attention of dogs for the camera after they've just driven a while in the car. They will only spit it back up . . . along with some other stuff . . . probably in their owner's car . . . probably. . . . :)

Brittanny and Michael, Thank you so much for your flexibility, and patience, and letting me play with my camera! Hope you enjoy your pictures!

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Cortnie said...

You have beautiful work! Thanks for stopping by and leaving some kind words!

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