A Cute Little Family

I love when people don't pay any attention to me or my camera and just let me capture them being themselves. And this image here, well . . . it was a real treat for me to capture. I love this. It was my favorite image of the day. What a great family moment, don't ya think?


And who can resist a little cutie like this? Don't you wonder what he's up to? What's running through his mind? This expression makes me think he's 50% sweetness and 50% up-to-something.


And really, family is the best isn't it? Such a sweet little moment. I love how Mandee and Jason are walking in sync, and little Brecken here is one step ahead of them and marching to his own little beat. Such a perfect toddler moment.


And this image . . . well, he's just so serious, and often times, it's the serious kiddo shots that move me the most when I'm processing images. I love everything about this photo - the serious expression, the parent's hands holding his tiny fingers, those piercing eyes . . .


OK, are you sick of me saying how much I "love" everything about these images?

Seriously though, Jason, Mandee and Brecken are friends of mine. Jason and I are both photo-enthusiasts, so we decided to meet up in the park and take pictures of each others' families. It's really too bad that we picked what was arguably the hottest and most humid day of the year to meet. We spent about 15 minutes taking pictures(after waiting 10 minutes for our lenses to defog) and 30 minutes wiping sweat from our faces . . . Eek! Even with all that though, I am loving my pictures that Jason took, and I hope to post those on my family blog very soon.

Jason, Mandee and Brecken . . . it was great to see you guys again. Next time (and there WILL be a next time) I'm hoping for cooler weather and a better hair day! :) Hope you love these pictures of your sweet family!


Grandma Kirby said...

These pictures captured the 3 of them perfectly. You are right when you say Brecken is 50% sweetness and 50% up to something. I know, for I am with him 4 days a week as his nanny.

M.D. said...

What a beautiful family and beautiful photos. He is such a cutie pie!

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