SOON TO BE . . .

A party of 4!


How wonderful to be in the final stages of pregnancy and awaiting you new little one with excitement! These are just a few images of this cute family while they are still a party of 3.

Here is soon-to-be big brother Cruz.


Handsome, don't you think? I think these serious looks that kiddos will give me are some of my favorites. They seem so simple and unscripted and just pure, and that really appeals to me . . . . I feel like I can look into his little mind because he's staring so intently at the camera.

And this image here . . . well, it was my favorite of the day. I love to see the connection that parents have with their children, and when I capture it on camera, then my heart smiles a little.


Katie, Greg and Cruz, thanks for meeting me on such a hot day and being such troopers as we walked around Union Station (before I knew you were 9 months pregnant . . . you look amazing!)

I hope you enjoy your images!

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M.D. said...

Such a cutie pie! And she is 9 months pregnant, really? Wow!

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