I first met Max when he was 9 days old. At that time, his big sister was busy telling me that Max was "her baby." Actually, I think her exact words were, " MY baby," but I think you get the drift.

Well, Max is 5 months old now, and goodness, what a difference 5 months can make! Who once was a sleepy, pliable newborn is now a cute little man who's smile is contagious and who's giggles are adorable.


As for Claire, well, she still tells me that Max is "MY baby," so I guess that means they are getting along just fine. I've decided that when Claire has her hands around her mouth like this, that THIS is her signature pose. Maybe I've just been watching too many America's Next Top Model marathons on the weekend, but this is my second time to photograph Claire, and she did this at her last session . . . and both of those "hands around the mouth" poses happen to be some of my favorite images of her. Work it, Girl . . . Work it . . .


And I love the interaction between these two munchkins. Claire loves little Max, and really, honestly and truly believes he is "MY baby." I love that, and I'm quite sure that Max doesn't mind one little bit. He seemed quite comfortable being the center of her attention.


Mike, Amy, Claire, and Max - Thank you for letting me snap a few pictures of you guys! Hope you enjoy!

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