Love & Light

They met over a sink. It was college, and Brittanny was a waitress and Michael was a cook. She couldn't quite figure out how to use the fancy commercial faucet, and Michael slid in and saved the day. . . and made her day too.

Matter of fact, I think he's been making her day ever since.

Fast forward to today, and Brittanny and Michael have been married 6 years now and are expecting a beautiful baby girl very soon. I loved photographing these two - still so in love and happy. Michael even braved the 100 degree heat just to get some pictures for his wife and little girl. Already, she has him wrapped around her dainty little fingers.

Brittanny and Michael, thanks so much for letting me be a small part of this experience with you. I have no doubt that you will be amazing parents.

And that whole sink incident about when you met? Well, I'm envisioning many more meetings over a sink - only this time you'll both be giving a cute little girl her baths. Life comes full circle, right?


So fun to meet up with you guys. Hope you love your images!

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