Some families are amazingly perfect for each other. This is exactly what I thought as I left the Danielson's home. Not only are Eric and Allison in love with each other, they are also crazy in love with their family. From the moment I walked into their home, I could tell that this family was for REAL. Their walls were covered with photos - everything from studio pictures of the kids as babies to snapshots of each of the kids that captured their little personalities so perfectly. Their home was an artful mix of style and family-friendly spaces - there were miniature kitchens next to beautiful crewel embroidery chairs and a swinging bridge off the deck that joined onto the kid's play tower. I could tell, even before I watched them interact, that they were the type of family that loves, pretends, imagines, and plays together . . . and for a brief hour, they invited me in and let me experience this with them all.


Eric, Allison, Hank, Josie, Scout (and Teddy too), thank you for having me into your home. I loved meeting you guys. I love that I walked away loving my family even more simply by experiencing the love, patience, and silliness that you guys so freely shared with each other. And, thank you for letting me play with your kiddos (who really and truly remind me of my own two little ones) and my camera. I hope you enjoy your images.


Anonymous said...

This post made me cry. Thank you so much, Marla, we truly feel like we have found a treasure in you! Looking forward to seeing you after Teddy arrives! -Allison

Julie said...

These are so great! From the far-away Aunt, it made me feel like I was there for a few minutes :)

Grandma Gail said...

Beautiful pictures of one of my favorite families! Can't wait until my newest Grandson, Teddy, joins my Grandson Henry and Granddaughter Josephine!--Grandma Gail

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