I Dare You . . .

First of all, I dare you to look at Ms. Anna here and not want to pinch her little cheeks.


Second of all, I dare you to say that babies don't love me . . . I mean, really, look how she laughs . . . yep, I'm kind-of a baby whisperer that way. . .


Thirdly, I dare her parents to tell you she was anything but happy and perfect when we were together. That would throw serious doubts your was as to my championship baby whispering ways.


And speaking of dares, do you know these two met as the result of a dare? Yep, dared to kiss at a party in college. Guess someone thought that would be a cute little joke . . . well, joke's on you, buddy. Guess that little lady in the middle there means it all worked out!


Joe & Sarah, thanks for meeting me on that cold morning and letting me play with little Anna here! Was lovely to meet you guys. Hope you enjoy your images!

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